Because the management of your company does not stop at the doors of your warehouse, LSI is offering you a logistical solution that will allow you to send and receive your parcels or raw materials as well as further optimise storage in your warehouse.
Solution that interfaces with main ERP systems on the market.


We will make available the best specialists to analyse your internal procedures and the IT tools within your company, while taking into account your professional constraints.

An audit verifies compliance, reveals non-conformities, analyses variances in the implementation of a system, evaluates the effectiveness, efficiency or maturity according to a given maturity scale and recommends improvements (in terms of software, materials, networks and so forth but also in terms of working methods, processes, etc.). A dossier of recommendations will be sent to you at the end of the audit.


The hotline team is formed of dedicated specialist technicians, eager to respond to your needs.

Equipped with the appropriate equipment, the team will help with your operations, answer your questions, assist in diagnosing anomalies and enable you to optimise the use of your LSI solutions.

The hotline team will communicate with you through your preferred medium: telephone, e-mail, client web space…


Our technical team will advise you on how to optimise your IT network. Sale and installation of servers, operating system, peripherals, mobile materials.
Audit of hardware, network infrastructure, IT facilities management, industrial equipment (Wi-Fi, portable terminals, tablets).


LSI will offer you an à la carte hosting service enabling you to outsource your data, website and solutions while optimising the management of your internal infrastructure.

  • Budget control
    • Secured data and backups
    • Management of IT facilities outsourced, saving time and money
    (no server investment)
    • Service performance with regular automatic updates of systems and applications
    • Contract for economical maintenance
    • High-performing machines
    • Flexible service (increase or reduction of available resources)